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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strawberry Party

This was painted from a photo I took from above the table of a pretty plate full of strawberries. This was setting on a tray covered with a napkin. All matching & bright. Thanks Leada for the party table you had at the workshop at Studio 20. I finished this watercolor & ink painting today. Watercolor on paper 15 x 11.
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Leada Wood said...

I love this painting! And since it came from my studio setup I guess it is mine???HAHA!! Keep doing the ink and watercolors Linda they suit your style!

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Leada so glad you like it. I need to tuck under the tray that turned into a napkin to make that read. My tucker here doesn't work as good as
the one that stayed at Studio 20. Linda