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Friday, October 28, 2011

Children's Stories

This is the second painting finished (I think) of my Antique Toys for our Museum Christmas show. This Bugs Bunny & Smoky Bear belonged to my son Robbie. Smoky Bear went on many trips with us. Bugs was in pretty good shape until Ricky, Robby's older Brother & Robby decided to do surgery on him & remove his voice box. I think they told me they wanted to see how it worked . Poor Bugs could no longer ask What's Up Doc. The old children's books are from my collection of old books. Mother West Wind stories, The New Look & See reader and Sergeant Preston & his wonder dog Yukon King are just a few of my books that I have managed to find through the years in Antique Stores all over the USA. The Bear is a patchwork bear & the cow is an Elsie toy. Fun to remember my childhood & my Boys when they were young.

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