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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Texas Blues

I did a little research on the TX Bluebonnet & found some interesting facts about them. Blue Bonnets covered the wild TX prairies. Indians have some fascinating tales about them. The early day Spanish Priest gathered the seeds from them & threw seeds around their Mission's.
This practice caused people to think the Blue Bonnets came from Spain. This can't be true because 2 of the prominent Blue Bonnet's can be found no where else in the world except TX
Click to contact the artist for more information about this painting. It is the TX flower & includes 5 different species of Blue Bonnets. That would explain why a different Blue Bonnet was on an older TX map & the Blue Bonnet that I was familiar with when I was a kid back in the good old days. Blue Bonnets are a trade mark of TX. The Blue Bonnet that I knew was really in the shape of a lady's hat. If you have never seen these fields of beautiful blue it is worth the trip.

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