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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mama & Baby Donkey

I struggled drawing this one & I had to use the eraser so much that a solution to fixing the shorter neck & other needs I used tracing paper & moved it around to get the correct drawing. Thanks to my friend Sue who is one of the 6 Caboose artist who does this. Then I put drawing on light-box & traced onto watercolor paper. In Doug Walton's class I would have used crayon or some wax resist for this step. Then with my drawing on my watercolor paper I began my painting. This time I did the Donkeys first then added the background in washes. This is painted from more photos from our Oatman AZ day trip from the campground we were staying at in Lake Havasu City AZ. This is the same little Donkey from the all tuckered earlier post who had set up to see what was going on around him when we came back down the street. Guess nap time was over.

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Marilyn Mize said...

I like this one of the donkeys best. They look old world. Classic.

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Marilyn, it was hard on me to let go of my bright color.