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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glen Rose paint out Linda Rupard

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These are 2 paintings I worked on Sat at the Paint Out in Glen Rose.    First painting is one of the doors into the Courthouse & the second is of an old Post Office that really did have a short door,  around 4 ft tall.      Though I  really like studio painting best,   I did manage to get 2  small paintings going, even through the tears & sneezing.  .  I was able to stay in the shade of the big trees  & this & wind  helped me stay cool enough to stay the day.  Glen Rose is a beautiful little  town  with lots of old buildings, museums ,  trees & rivers and friendly people.   3 rivers make for lots of places to play on or in the water.   We stayed in the Tres Rtrees  camp ground , wonderful  trees & river access .  I would like to live there.   !8 artist were painting around town then a show an reception were at the art museum Sat night.   Poor Tex was trying to help me get setup in a different place & got stung by a Bumble Bee.    That scared me enough that I decided to quit for the day because don't you know that every leaf or bug was a  Bee coming for me.  I still am unable to crop my photos sorry about that.   There is a pie store in town with fresh baked pies,  lots of choices & yes I was bad & checked it out.   Then near Tres Ruees is a store that makes fresh fried pies & I was bad again & had fried pie.  They had many flavors too, even chocolate.  Yummy!!!   Uh oh wonder if that pie had no calories?  We stayed for a week & 1/2 so maybe I didn't do too bad & I did say no most days.

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