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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tom Lynch Workshop Linda Rupard

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I feel so lucky to have been able to go to Santa Fe  to the Art Expo  event last week.  I had workshops with 3 fun teachers.    First  WS was with Tom Lynch.  First we were treated to a demo then using our own photos we drew our photo on a small piece of watercolor paper.  Tom showed us how he would paint it on each one's sketch.

Then we tried to paint it like Tom did.   Then he checked each one & critiqued them correcting each one.    For Tom's class you have to use Gemini paper (made in England & distributed  by Stratmore)   it is easy to correct mistakes ,  lift color &  then have the ability  to repaint over the scrubbed  area.  Wonderful paper which I will try to use  some more.  I have always  worked on  140 cold press Arches paper which has been my favorite paper for a long time.

Jury still out on which one will become  my favorite paper.  More Expo fun in next post. Above Tom demo's, first painting is Tom's small demo on my sketch, second painting is mine.  I decided to put clouds over my mountains after I got home.  The chart is found in Tom's book along with many more.  Yes, I had to have a signed Tom Lynch book.


Vernita Hoyt said...

Linda, I like the landscape you did in Tom's class.

Linda Rupard said...

Thanks Nita, it was a fun class.