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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FL Sketchbook

The trip was fun most of the time but it is so good to be home.  I have been painting  but haven't finished one yet so  here's 2 more sketches from my sketchbook.   I found this wonderful  sketch book at Santa Fe last year & was finely able to use it on our trip, really nice because the ink does not go through the page onto the next page so no more  wax paper behind each one .
It is the Super Deluxe BEE PAPER Aqua-bee sketch book.  This one is 9 X 6, heavyweight drawing paper for use with wet or dry media made in the good o USA.  Has textured surface with  tooth,  all this is quoted from the front of the book.   So far I do like the results I have had with it.     They can be googled  at Bee Paper CO if anyone is interested in a good ink journal.  The Mule & carriage is a good way to  get down the narrow streets in New Orleans if you get tired of hoofing it you can take a restful ride if you know where you are going.    Hard when you realize your parking meter is running out & your Husband is lost & you are running up & down streets trying to find the way back to where you were.  Lucky that I remembered tacking a photo of a place down a street that He did not want to go up.  That has to be a big JOY for me because He loves to make fun of me for always being  lost.

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