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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Real Ham By Linda Rupard

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This happy Pig looks like She is singing so musical notes are coming out of her mouth.
Seems like She is a Ham!   This is a 12 X12 collage on cradle board, with sides matching the front.
This is my second painting going to Betz Gallery in Houston .  small photo is the right side edge where her curled tail & back leg set.  Some words are collaged on the background.     I used an older larger
watercolor painting I had done years ago for my inspiration.     Name of that painting is La La La.   Well,  for some reason I cant find the edge photo maybe the next post I will  be able to post edge photo.


An'Angelia Thompson said...

Ha! Love it, Linda! This happy little pig better make himself scarce before Christmas gets here :D

Linda Rupard said...

Ha, thats right Angelia, gotta have ham for Christmas.