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Monday, November 5, 2012

Birthday Party By Linda Rupard

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I did have to work on the door  so the Happy Birthday sign was more visible.
I just have to put many layers of varnish then it will be ready to go to Gallery.  These 3 12 X 12
Paintings were fun,  but lots of time & work went into them.   Even working on 3 at a time with the same colors of papers  takes a lot more work & time then just painting.  But I like to have at least
3 or more  paintings going at a time anyway.   Then I can go to another while one is drying &
study the others that are  lined up where I can see them.   Painting is work but such a joy to be
able to see  a blank place fill up with color & form.  I think whatever you use to make your art is
okay, most of the time anyway.      The most important thing you use is the creativity  to finish the piece.   If you ever wanted to paint or create now is the time to jump in, wonderful workshops &
Classes are out there.   Many art shows, galleries & Museums have art to see , admire & give you inspiration .     There will be an all day art show happening in Colorado City August   17 in the
 Civic Center downtown.  Take paintings to show between 8:30 & 10:00 pick up at 4:30,  If you just want to enter show it will be open for viewing 12 until 4:00.  Not in this area of West TX  just check newspaper or internet there is  something with art going on almost every week or so somewhere maybe  near you.   I have paypal avaible if interested in purchasing  any of my paintings.

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